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Welcome to the Family Information Service childcare pages!

Here you can view information on 2yr old funding for those receiving additional government support or eligible working families, 15hrs early education funding for all 3 and 4yr olds and 30hrs childcare for eligible working families of 3 and 4yr olds as well as information on how to choose childcare and help with childcare costs.

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Government Expansion of 30hrs Childcare

In Spring 2023 the Chancellor announced an expansion of funded 30hrs childcare for working parents which will be phased in from April 2024. For more information click here.

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Click here to access our childcare search page where you can find all the information you need on local childcare providers.

You can search for providers:
You can also search for those that offer:
  • 2 year old funding, early education funding and 30hrs childcare.
  • care in school holidays
  • pick up and drop offs at local schools
  • free Holiday Activity and Food Programme activities (HAF)